We did it!

My sister and I finally started a show where we pair the perfect curiosity with the perfect drink. We're fascinated by so much in this world, and pairing these fascinations with a wine, tea, or coffee is just so...us! And we couldn't keep it to ourselves any longer. We had to share it all with you.


We're not experts, mind you, just passionately curious about pretty much everything.

So whether it's history, science, or the natural world, each episode will bring you a curious wonder, something good to drink, and about 10 minutes of dorky, fan-girling nonsense. Watch the teaser to meet us and find out more! We hope you enjoy this series as much as we loved creating it.


Find us here every Friday starting November 18, 2022! We can't wait to get started!

Episode One: Saturn has a Hexagonal Storm?!

Links & Drinks

Click here to watch the NASA video of Saturn's hexagonal storm!

• What were we drinking today? Why, it was Heavenly Chardonnay!

• Don't you just love space??

Episode Two: Tolkien and Real Life

Links & Drinks

• Have you read On Fairy Stories by J.R.R. Tolkien? Highly recommend!! Click here to find it on Amazon!

• What were we drinking today? Girl and Dragon wine!

Episode Three: Thomas Young (Should Have Married Jane Austen)

Links & Drinks

• NOTE: The Huntington Library and Gardens is in San Marino, California (not Huntington Beach like Deb said lol)

• NOTE ALSO: It's called the Double Slit Experiment, not "Split," not "Spit," it's "SLIT." Apparently Deborah can't nail that one down lol

• Find a much better description and explanation of the Double Slit Experiment by clicking here

• What were we drinking today? Psychocandy tea! (we know that's a weird name for a tea, but it's soooo good!) You'll find it at August Uncommon Tea

Episode 4: Earth has a Heartbeat!

Links & Drinks

• What were we drinking today? Our own concoction called Ionic Lightning (we think it's a cool name too *grins goofily* ) Here's the recipe: 4oz of coconut rum, 1oz of pineapple juice, 1oz of blue curaco and the juice of one lemon

• For a great video on Schuman Resonances, check out this one on YouTube

Episode 5: Stone Circles in Africa!

Links & Drinks

• Yes! I did say that shapes have sound! Or perhaps I should have said the sum of their angles, if played, create harmonic sounds...which would have been more accurate lol. Click here to find a YouTube video that explains it really well. If you go to the 6:29 mark, that's when he starts showing you the shape sounds. So cool!!

Click here to see the YouTube video of the two guys ringing the rocks like bells!

• What are we drinking? "A Thousand Lives" wine!

Episode 6: Gravity Doesn't Exist, So There!

Links & Drinks

• Learn more about the bending of space-time by watching https://www.youtube.com/@ScienceClicEN

• What are we drinking today? Another one of our own creations: "1.21 Gigawatts?!" Here's the recipe: 4oz coconut rum, 2oz of capri sun (Pacific Cooler flavor), juice of one lime, 5-6 muddled raspberries

Episode 7: King Tut and Downton Abbey

Links & Drinks

• We're drinking a red wine called Thievery today!

• Looking for more info on the mystery of King Tut? Click here to watch a great documentary!

Episode 8: Ellora Caves

Links & Drinks

• Todays drink: Mango Lassi! Click here for the recipe.

And click here for a great documentary on the Ellora Caves

Episode 9: Indiana Jones and the Temple Mount

Links & Drinks

• Today we are drinking a wine from the Galilee region in Israel! It is called Givon Cabernet Sauvignon. Yum!!