999-801 B.C. - Solomon's Temple & Assyrian Rises

999 B.C.

"By the start of the first millennium BC, when the Celts began their expansions, all learned men and women in their society were designated as having 'oak knowledge'. And, in the Celtic religion itself, the oak continued to be venerated as the great symbol of vegetational increase so that, as a cult, its symbolism was retained among the Celts some time after it was lost among the Greeks and Latins.

From Irish sources we may suppose that all Celtic tribes had their own sacred tree, the crann bethadh (or 'Tree of Life') standing as their totem or talisman in the center of their territory, In ancient Ireland, a tribal raid by a rival clan would be made simply for the purpose of destroying the tree and thus demoralizing the enemy."

(The Druids, pg. 40) 


996 B.C.  

David makes Jerusalem his capital


971 B.C.   

RULERS & ROYALTY: Solomon becomes King of Israel (Unwrapping the Pharaohs pg. 207, 1 Kings 1:39)


960 B.C.  

Solomon builds the First Temple


930 B.C. 

Division of Solomon’s kingdom into Israel and Judah


883 B.C.  

RULERS & ROYALTY: Ashurnasirpal II (King of Assyria) begins his reign from Nineveh (in Iraq)


875 B.C.   

Ministries of Elisha and Elijah (875-797)


859 B.C.   

Ashurnasirpal II, King of Assyria dies