150 - 179 A.D.


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(Feature Photo: The View From Carthage Hill; Credit: Wikimedia Commons)



Tertullian, the “father of Latin theology” is born in Carthage around this year, after his conversion to Christianity he began writing books to promote the Christian faith (Church History in Plain Language pg. 33)

Sometime in the middle of the 2nd century, the Christians began burying their dead underground in catacombs, of which Saint Callixtus is the largest at 90 acres and is located in Rome (expanded through the centuries)



Lucius Cassius Dio (or Dio Cassius) is born, he became a Roman statesman and historian, and published 80 volumes of the history on ancient Rome, the volumes documented the founding of Rome, the formation of the Republic, and the creation of the Empire up until 229 A.D.



Justin Martyr in his writings supports Luke as the author of the Gospel of Luke 



RULERS & ROYALTY: Antonius Pius dies and Marcus Aurelius as well as Lucius Verus become Roman Emperor

Parthian Wars with Rome begin (end in 166 A.D.) and Lucius Verus commands Rome’s forces in the field (ancient.eu)



Justin Martyr dies in Rome, Italy



Parthian Wars with Rome end 


Lucius Verus dies



RULERS & ROYALTY: Commodus also becomes Roman Emperor