999-801 B.C. - Solomon's Temple & Assyrian Rises


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996 B.C.  

David makes Jerusalem his capital


971 B.C.   

RULERS & ROYALTY: Solomon becomes King of Israel (Unwrapping the Pharaohs pg. 207, 1 Kings 1:39)


960 B.C.  

Solomon builds the First Temple


930 B.C. 

Division of Solomon’s kingdom into Israel and Judah


883 B.C.  

RULERS & ROYALTY: Ashurnasirpal II (King of Assyria) begins his reign from Nineveh (in Iraq)


875 B.C.   

Ministries of Elisha and Elijah (875-797)


859 B.C.   

Ashurnasirpal II, King of Assyria dies