It's me! It's Deborah! I'm the founder and CEO of Ink & Arrow, which sounds way more official than I feel. Maybe one day it'll––mmmm no, probably not. I'm the youngest of seven and, for better or worse, I always feel like everyone else is taller than me. My mom had to shush everyone at the dinner table just so I could get a word in (which, to be fair, was never an interesting word. I was a five-year-old expounding on my five-year-old thoughts to my ever so patient teenage brothers and sisters). But I came into this world with a twin-turbo imagination and a worldview that sees nothing but road, so it all worked out. No need to feel official as long as I'm driving with a smile on my face. And I usually am. I have to say, though, all my destinations usually start out vague. I only know what I'm truly after once I get closer to the "X" on the map.


One thing's for certain.

I never thought Ink & Arrow was what I'd find at the end of the road. No really, I never thought it would all come together like this. All my interests, fascinations, and loves in one place? All the space in the world to create? Stuff of legends and lore. Not something to be found in the real world. But that's where I was wrong. Oooooh you have no idea how many pieces of me are right here in this place. History? Check! Fantasy? Check! Talking too much and acting like a dork? *giggles low and stupid*

Plus, I just love creating. That's where the shop comes in. I'm always thinking up the next piece of art for a tee or tote, or ideas for vintage inspired decor, or a candle scent that transports you, or books that––oh!


The books...

I'm writing some. The title of the first one is called Kingdom of Ruins. My goodness, talk about packing something full of your favorites: archaeology, history, swordplay, sentient nature, the possibility that all things lost can be found. Baby, I didn't hold back. It was published back in 2018, and the sequel is just about finished! Oh the excitement! The crazy, wonderful excitement! The whole story turned into a universe far more sweeping than I had originally imagined, which surprised even me. It's been a long time in coming, and it's almost here.

I think most people knew I'd be a writer. Either that or a dazed wanderer who occasionally touched down in reality...actually, I'm not sure those are two different things. I get easily distracted by a thought. Any thought, mind you. Not just ones with swords and magic in them. Half the time when I look dazed, it's because I'm trying to work out how something in history is effecting something right now in the present. Do you ever do that? Get lost down packed alleys of thought and forested trails of ideas before you come back to the grocery store line? I know I'm not the only one.


I'll leave you with this.

No matter what I do, or what I think up, it's usually too much for me to handle. I mean, in terms of excitement. I just get so wound up with happiness at the prospect of a new, creative idea, or inspirational thought, that I almost freeze up.


And yes, that's me (above in the gif) at five-years-old. See? I told you this has been happening for a while. The thing is, once I think of something, I must share it. Even if it takes years for me to find the right moment and the right words. I must, at some point, give it away. So here, finally, is my ultimate place for giving away all that inspiration that's been building up inside of me for years––years, I say! Don't worry though, I'll try not to talk your ear off. A courtesy I do not give my family or husband. But of course, they're all the ones who first listened to my ramblings and encouraged me to stay me in the first place. So...helloooo, haha, hi! It's me!