One door leads to many.

Ink & Arrow aspires to be a place of many doors. But of course you always need that one door. The one that leads to that cozy, comfortable room you always come back to with your favorite pillow, drink and music. So before we become the place of many doors and many rooms, we want to make sure we have that one door, and that one room fitted out for you.


And how should that room feel?

Well, to start, it needs to be inspiring. It needs warmth. It needs to feel away from everything else. When I (Deb) started dreaming up this place, I wanted to make sure it felt like home, like a sanctuary. No one is telling you how to think, how to look at things, or what you should be interested in, or listening to. I wanted it to be quiet...which is a weird thing for a website to aspire to, now that I think about it. But all the same, that's what I wanted. So I chose the photos, font, and all my words carefully. Nothing here should shout or shock. This is a place for thinking. Slow thinking. Rushing from one thing to another, or from one thought to the next, is not only exhausting, but skips over all the subtle beauty and wisdom that's so readily available if only we'd hang back a moment.

So that is the room. That is this website. A place to slow down and ponder, to be comforted and inspired. How will this be accomplished? Well, I suspect over time with lots of thoughtfulness on my part. But for right now, I've arranged it like this: You can either sit back and enjoy Curiosity Tastings, a new show about all the amazing and wonderful things in this world (starring me and my sister Bridgette!), you can sift through history by activating the Time Machine (the first one to be installed with gifs), and lastly, you can leave this world behind entirely, and enter the Kingdom of Ruins Universe (I made this one up all by myself). But like I said...


...this is just the start.

Soon there will be doors leading off into all kinds of places, some real, some imagined. The rule of Ink & Arrow is, if something has the potential to create new experiences and fresh thoughts, then a new wing of the house will be prepared, and a new door fashioned to let you in.

If you want to know more about what goes on inside this brain of mine, and all that I imagine for Ink & Arrow, click here. But be warned, reading it takes robust optimism and faith. The list frightens my husband to no end (he's super supportive of it all, though, I couldn't ask for a better encourager. Still, he doesn't have his own mug in the shop for no reason).

Anyway! That's what I got. So far. *grins*

Enjoy every bit of this first room with its first door. It was all built and furnished with you in mind!





(P.S. If you were wondering about the picture at the top of this page, it's my writing loft. I tend to overfill rooms with all the things I find fascinating and wonderful. Another reason my husband panics. God bless that man.)