500-599 A.D. - The Byzantine Empire Rises


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500 B.C. 

The Mayan Civilization reaches its peak during the 500s


533 B.C.

A Byzantine army under Belisarius enters Carthage unopposed and takes it from the Vandals (a Germanic people)



550 A.D.

Sometime in the sixth century an ivory diptych is made (an object with two flat plates which form a pair, often attached by a hinge, ancient world notebooks used these to protect the wax writing inside when you closed it) is made and is carved with an archangel: one of the great masterpieces of Byzantine art, the first panel (the second panel is lost) has an inscription that says “Receive these, and having learnt the cause…” and it would have continued on the other lost panel, the angel is holding a T-O globe, it is now held in the British Museum (BM 125)

563 A.D.

Columba comes from Ireland to the small island of Iona off the western coast of Scotland with twelve companions and founds a monastery (531 years after Jesus’ resurrection)


570 A.D.

Islam’s prophet Mohammed is born around this year


590 A.D.

Pope Pelagius II dies, Pope Gregory I is installed as Bishop of Rome

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