400-499 A.D. - Rome Falls





400    – Orthodox Judaism is developed between 400 to 500 AD    

410    – Roman rule ends in Britain and tribal warfare spreads across the island

and in the power vacuum Germanic tribes (Visagoths) cross the Rhine

and sack Rome  

439  – The Vandal ruler Gaiseric enters Carthage almost unopposed and plunders the city,

Carthage is under Vandal rule (a Germanic people who maintained a kingdom in North Africa from 429 to 534, and who sack Rome in 455) until a Byzantine army under  Belisarius enters the city unopposed in 533, the Arabs capture it in 705  (EB)

440   – Pope Sixtus III dies and Pope Leo I is installed as Bishop of Rome – [STEPPE

EPOCH: The first Harrow manor house is built, “Harrow House,” on the

plot of land where the current castle now stands, they will be getting ready for the Harrowing of the Light]

455   – Vandals (a Germanic people) sack Rome

447   – [STEPPE EPOCH: The Harrow House is expanded, Arúna is becoming

more and more wealthy and prestigious, so the Harrow House reflects that]

461   – Pope Leo I dies and Pope Hilarius is installed as Bishop of Rome

476   – The Roman Empire falls 

481   – Childeric I, the first of the Merovingian kings of France (Frankish Kings), dies, and

his son Clovis I begin his rule (the Merovingian kings rule the area of what is now France until 751)

485   – After the Roman Empire falls, the Visagoths, people of German stock, come down

from the Pyrenees into the Iberian peninsula (present day Spain) and quickly assert dominance in the power vacuum; “coming from the north, they tended to be blonder and taller than the dark-haired peoples of the Mediterranean. They crafted beautiful jewelry and created their own signature architectural styles. They made their capital in Toledo, in the heart of the peninsula,” (IWQ 10-11) 

496   – Pope Gelasius I dies and Pope Anastasius is installed as Bishop of Rome

498   – Pope Anastasius dies and Pope Symmachus is installed as Bishop of Rome

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