Want to hear what else we're thinking?

Oh baby, get ready.

Okay, so I (Deb) originally wanted to JUST publish books. And, you know, that would have been fine, a great and noble goal. The thing is, I can't keep myself from trying like...everything. Usually all at once. I wish I could change that, I really do, but I've tried and tried to no avail. So I've decided to stop trying and instead: open the flood gates.

I'll take you through some of the dreams I and my small burgeoning team are working toward. So like I said, the first goal is...


Book Publishing

We (my sister Bridgette and I) are so so excited to create Ink & Arrow's book catalogue! We'll be starting off with middle grade fiction, then working our way up to adult fiction and possibly some non-fiction. Right now we're just setting up shop and getting everything ready to take on our first few authors. Bridgette (who is an avid reader herself) is working as Ink & Arrow's Acquisitions & Managing Editor.

Books are our life, and our passion for publishing has grown out of this love. 

We don't have a timeline on when we'll be open for submissions, but we'll let you know as the moment draws closer!


And of course the ideas just keep coming...


Book Circles 

Book nerds love connecting with their own kind! So let's get them connected! There's a lot of platforms out there that do this, like Goodreads, but we want to do it a little bit different. 


Book Boxes

I fell in love with book boxes the moment I discovered them. For those of you unfamiliar with them, a book box contains a book and several smaller items that go along with the theme of that book, anything from soap, socks, tea, a letter to you from a main character--the options are endless, and I have soooo many ideas. I can't wait until we get to the point of offering these in the shop!


Decor Boxes 

Atmosphere! Never underestimate the power of atmosphere. I always say, if I wasn't an author/shop owner, I would've been an interior designer for rides, or maybe even for movie sets, pretty much anyplace that needed to look like someplace else. I've brought this love into my home, and would love to share it with others by way of a decor box (i'll come up with a better name for it) where I include a set of decor items themed after a place (real or imagined) or book or era of history. Oh just thinking about putting these boxes together makes me so happy. This is definitely one of my goals for Ink & Arrow. [one of kind] 


Short Films

I have always loved short films, especially when they are funny and pack an emotional punch. Short films have such potential to make an impact. My goal is to one day have Ink & Arrow Films be a place full of wonder, encouragement and laughter (we've already started with our first show, Curiosity Tastings!).     


A Physical Shop 

Yes. And Ink & Arrow shop. Wouldn't that be amazing?? It would be the ultimate goal, and I've already drawn up the plans for it. It's no ordinary shop or bookstore, the only way I can describe it to you is like...Disneyland for book and history nerds. Although, really, anyone would enjoy it just like anyone can enjoy Disneyland. Let's just say the plans keep getting bigger, so I hope to start small soon because I want to be alive when it reaches the limit of my imagination!




Let us know what you're most excited about!