The Lands Within is a hard place to hide in.

It isn't like you can just walk along a country road, or forest trail, or (fates forbid) some seedy, dark alley in the City of Seals. If the people don't notice you, the trees surely will, then the trees tell the soil, the soil tells the plants, the plants tell the river--it's whole big thing. So, you need to understand why I brought you here so early, giving you little glances into the next part of this story.

Now, you see, I thought I'd try something. A sort of travel guide to look over before you rejoin Lori, Thane, Meridian and Haetae. The thing is, this book has so many layers, sometimes I'm not even sure where it ends. Perhaps it doesn't end. 

I want to enrich your journey, dear reader. I want you to see and hear things that are "off the page."