History Bite: 1940s Summer Mocktail

This week’s history bite is more like a refreshing sip! Deb found this amazing 1940s “Host and Hostess” book, filled with recipes, entertainment ideas, etiquette, games, parties, and more. We thought it’d be fun to share a simple mocktail recipe with you so that you’re never short on a refreshing drink all summer long! 

This recipe is super simple (and a little vague!) so we’ve added a couple modifications that make this the yummiest drink! 




Passion fruit juice (the recipe uses canned passion fruit juice, but you can also find this in the refrigerated section of your grocery store)
Carbonated water (or ginger ale, which adds an extra something!)
One lemon
Mint leaves (if desired)



1. In a glass, combine passion fruit juice and carbonated water/ginger ale. We used two thirds passion fruit juice to a third of ginger ale (ratio of 2:1, respectively). 

2. Roll a lemon and cut into slices. Add a squeeze of lemon juice to your passion fruit mixture. 

3. Add mint leaves and/or ice, if desired, and enjoy! 


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