230 - 249 A.D.


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(Feature Photo: Ancient Roman Forum in Rome, Italy; Credit: Argenberg, Wikimedia Commons)



RULERS & ROYALTY: Severus Alexander is Roman Emperor – Pope Urban I dies and is succeeded by Pontian – Ardashir I is ruler of the Sassanian Empire (modern-day Iran)



RULERS & ROYALTY: Severus Alexander is Roman Emperor – Pontian is pope/bishop of Rome – Ardashir I is ruler of the Sassanian Empire (modern-day Iran)



Lucius Cassius Dio (or Dio Cassius) dies (Roman statesman and historian)



Under Roman Emperor Decius (249-251) Caesar worship is made universal—and compulsory for every race and nation within the empire with the single exception of the Jews. On a certain day of the year every Roman citizen had to come to the Temple of Caesar and burn a pinch of incense there and say “Caesar is Lord,” they were then given a certificate showing they had done so (Church History in Plain Language pg. 44)