Witan Map, The

WITAN MAP, THE The Witan Map was created in ______ by the famed cartographer, Jeaunrie Omretta Larrows, at her forest home in Witan Stand. The map was intended to be the first of four, the collection being commissioned by Vitellius II, King of Anaphora (r. 6210 – 6230) to be housed in his royal residence in the CITY OF SEALS. The first map was sent to him and put on display while the other three were in production. However, civil war broke out in EVETZ-RASHK in _____, cutting the project short. During a raid in the winter of that year, Jeaunrie’s home was destroyed, along with her life’s work. It was officially reported that Jeaunrie died in the attack while trying to save what maps she could, though rumors circulated shortly afterward that she escaped to the city-kingdom of SCYLD, and from there to the remote ARÙNA KINGDOM. No evidence has been found to support her escape from Evetz-Rashk, but the story is steadfastly believed in the villages of the FÉOND RIVER basin. It is worth noting that these isolated villages have oddly produced some of the finest cartographers, geographers and explorers over the last 300 years.