Bookmark Carousel, Middlerim Sea
Bookmark Carousel, Middlerim Sea

Bookmark Carousel, Middlerim Sea

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When ancient glass is dipped into the waters of the Middlerim Sea in the Lands Within, a curious thing happens. The water soaks into the glass, and it moves and swirls in the pattern of the sea's moss green and ink blue currents. Eventually the water solidifies inside the glass, leaving a hidden message in its lines. But you would have to be a Nautical Linguist to decipher the sea-script.

That's what the legend says. Who really knows if it's true.

The wood is of sturdy walnut, and the clips are of bendable copper. It measures 7 3/4" Tall, 3 3/4" wide (base), and 2 7/8" wide (tower). Inside the tower is a riser so that bookmarks being stored in the middle are easy to grab from the top. The riser is made of wood cross (creating cubbies holes perfect for holding your wand). And of course it spins!