2006-2009 A.D. - The Big Bang Theory & The CERN Supercollider



PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS & ROYALTY: George Bush is president of the USA – Elizabeth II is queen of England

January 20, Jeffery Epstein turns 51 years old, he owns Little St. James island (since 1998), Police in Palm Beach, Florida, are still investigating him after a report of abuse

February 19, Prince Andrew turns 45 years old

June 3, Anderson Cooper turns 38 years old, he’s working for CNN and has his own show Anderson 360

July 9, Tom Hanks turns 50 years old

July 15, Jeffery Epstein attends Princess Beatrice’s 18th birthday costume party at Windsor Castle with Harvey Weinstein and Ghislaine Maxwell at the invitation of Prince Andrew

July 23, Jeffery Epstein is arrested in Florida over solicitation of prostitution

February 27, The song Move Along by All American Rejects releases

May 26, The movie Cars releases

Twitter begins as a social media platform out of San Francisco

Muhammad Ahmad Hussein becomes Grand Mufti of Jerusalem (current now in 2020)

In May, Hey There Delilah becomes a hit song by Plain White T’s in May

Felipe Calderón becomes president of Mexico (until 2012)

October, A study is done in Russia on fullerenes in C60 or Shungite, and their research was reported in the Russian Journal of Applied Chemistry, among other findings, it is shown once again to be something that can be found in nature, the Russian studies are presented at a conference dedicated to shungite in Petrozavodsk

The Standard Hotel on Sunset Strip in West Hollywood is open

December, Saddam Hussein is executed after being convicted by the Iraqi court for crimes against humanity

Jay Rockefeller IV is the senator of West Virginia




February 16, Britney Spears shaves her head
    April 30, almost exactly five hundred years after its making, the Waldseemüller Map is officially transferred to the United States by Germany’s chancellor, Angela Merkel, and in December it is put on permanent public display at the Library of Congress
      June 29, The first iPhone is released

        July 11, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix releases in theaters
          July 21, the book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows releases
            September 24, The first episode of The Big Bang Theory airs
              September 24, The first episode of Chuck airs

                November 21, The movie Enchanted releases in theaters

                  The Standard Hotel on Sunset Strip in West Hollywood is open
                    October 25, Scientists observe the comet Holmes brighten by a factor of 1,000,000; in less than 24 hours, it grows from a small, 17th magnitude comet, to a magnitude of 2.5, so large that it is visible to the naked eye on earth, it keeps expanding until mid-November and becomes the largest object in the solar system, visibly larger than the sun, its tail grew from 17,398 miles to 4,349,598 miles, this is happening as the comet is moving away from the sun and therefore cooling, the question is, what kind of explosion can keep the comet illuminated for so long? Usually when something explodes, the luminescence fades quickly, but the explosion on the comet stayed illuminated for months https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8k7AwmKs90
                      Jay Rockefeller IV is the senator of West Virginia
                        The Chandler family ends their more than 100 years of involvement with their publishing empire including the Los Angeles Times (today, the family’s fortune is held in multiple trusts and is estimated to be $4.2 billion)



                          PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS & ROYALTY: Bush is president – Elizabeth II is queen of England –

                          January 2008, Heath Ledger dies by acute drug intoxication (b. 1979)

                          May 2, The movie Iron Man releases in theaters

                          The Summer Olympics are held in Beijing, China 

                          November 21, The movie Twilight releases in theaters 

                          Jeffery Epstein pleads guilty and serves thirteen months in custody

                          The Standard Hotel on Sunset Strip in West Hollywood is open

                          Jay Rockefeller IV is the senator of West Virginia



                          PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS & ROYALTY: Barak Obama becomes 43rd president of the USA/Joe Biden is the vice president

                          Hillary Clinton is made Secretary of State, during which time she gives a literal, big, red “reset” button to the Russian prime minister, Vladimir Putin

                          Tom Hanks, after filming part of the movie Angels & Demons at Cern in Switzerland, is invited back to switch on the CERN Large Hadron Collider; The plot of Angles & Demons is that the illuminati, who have become involved in a satanic cult, have stolen a jar of antimatter from CERN—and the Vatican is involved as well; https://www.science.org/content/article/hollywood-pays-visit-cern


                          Here is CERN’s logo:

                          Here is Hanks, his co-star Ayelet Zurer, and director Ron Howard at CERN  

                          June 16, Brit Nicole's album The Lost Get Found releases

                            June 25, Michael Jackson dies in Los Angeles, California, aged 50
                              July15, The movie Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince releases in theaters
                                Jeffery Epstein is released from jail five months early (he was supposed to serve 18 months) 
                                  November 20 & 21, Robin Williams does his TV special Weapons of Self Destruction which is recorded
                                    The Standard Hotel on Sunset Strip in West Hollywood is open
                                      November 20, The movie New Moon releases in theaters
                                        The Cassini spacecraft finally gets to see the full lit up interior of Saturn’s hexagonal storm at the north pole now that the sun is shining on it 
                                          Jay Rockefeller IV is the senator of West Virginia

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