1993-1996 A.D. - Dinosaurs, Amazon & The Beginning of the Internet

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Bill Clinton becomes 42nd president of USA on January 20 and Mack McLarty
becomes White House Chief of Staff

January 20, Audrey Hepburn dies
    April 7, Hugh Rodham (Hillary Clinton’s dad) dies in Little Rock, AR
      April 30, the internet is made public by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) which is based in Switzerland 


        On June 11, Jurassic Park releases in theaters
          Jeffery Epstein purchases the land for his 30,000 sq. ft. “Zorro Ranch”
            August 6, The Fugitive releases in theaters, starring Harrison Ford
              The TV show, Full House is in their seventh season
                The TV show, Star Trek: The Next Generation is in their seventh season
                  The movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas releases in theaters

                    Jay Rockefeller IV is the senator of West Virginia



                      Bill Clinton is president and Leon Panetta becomes White House Chief of Staff

                      Ellen DeGeneres stars in her TV series Ellen (1994-1998)
                        The Lion King releases in theaters
                          Full House is on their eighth season
                            First episode of Friends airs
                              May 23, The last episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation airs, it is their eighth and final season
                                Yasser Arafat becomes the first president of the Palestinian National Authority
                                  Amazon is founded in Bellevue, WA
                                    September 17, Karl Popper, the author of The Open Society and its Enemies, dies (b. 1902) in London, England (see 1938)
                                      The song Zombie by The Cranberries releases
                                        November 11, The Santa Clause with Tim Allen releases

                                          Jay Rockefeller IV is the senator of West Virginia



                                            RULERS & PRESIDENTS: Bill Clinton is president 

                                            Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar (Indian physicist) dies in Chicago, IL
                                              Man of the House releases in theaters on March 3 starring Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Chevy Chase and Ferrah Faucet
                                                April 7, Disney’s A Goofy Movie releases in theaters
                                                  April 21, While You were Sleeping releases in theaters

                                                    May 23, The last episode of Full House airs (began in 1987)

                                                    July 19, The movie Clueless releases in theaters, there’s a picture of Jeffery Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell walking through a hotel ballroom with the cardboard advertisement for Clueless behind them 

                                                      November 22, Toy Story releases in theaters
                                                        The song Spiderwebs by the band No Doubt releases
                                                          The TV show Friends is airing

                                                            Jay Rockefeller IV is the senator of West Virginia



                                                              RULERS & PRESIDENTS: Bill Clinton is president

                                                              Steven Curtis Chapman’s album Signs of Life releases

                                                              May 22, The film Mission Impossible releases in theaters, I remember thinking it was my first “adult” movie that I went to go see with my family, I was finally old enough to go see something like that with them haha

                                                              The Summer Olympics is held in Atlanta, Georgia, the highest human-trafficking city in the corporation known as the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (all caps, incorporated by the Act of 1871)

                                                              The movie Flipper is released in theaters, starring Elijah Wood

                                                              The film Independence Day releases in movie theaters on July 3

                                                              September 21, JFK Jr. marries Carolyn Bessette (they both die in a plane crash in 1999), right now Carolyn Bessette is working for Calvin Klein as a publicist

                                                              Lynn Margulis is teaching at University of Massachusetts

                                                              The book Darwin’s Black Box by Michael J. Behe is published by Touchstone/Simon & Schuster, in Chapter 2 he starts off by saying, “Lynn Margulis (1938-2011) is Distinguished University Professor of Biology at the University of Massachusetts. Lynn Margulis is highly respected for her widely accepted theory that mitochondria, the energy source of plant and animal cells, were once independent bacterial cells. And Lynn Margulis says that history will ultimately judge neo-Darwinism as “a minor twentieth century religious sect within the sprawling religious persuasion of Anglo-Saxon biology.” (DBB 26, quoting from “Lynn Margulis: Science’s Unruly Earth Mother,” by C. Mann in Science, 252, 378-381 in 1991), Lynn was married to astronomer Carl Sagan between 1957-1965

                                                              July 15, MSNBC is founded in Secaucus, NJ, (It’s headquarters is now at 30 Rockefeller Plaza

                                                              Fox News is also founded

                                                              October 4, That Thing You Do releases in Theaters, starring Tom Hanks

                                                              The Song Don’t Speak by the band No Doubt releases

                                                              Jay Rockefeller IV is the senator of West Virginia

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