1990-1992 A.D. - The World Economic Forum & Fievel Goes West

Do you remember the 90's? Do you get this line: 


Enjoy the 90's!!



PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS & ROYALTY: George H.W. Bush is president/Dan Quayle is vice president – Elizabeth II is queen of England

March 2, The Hunt for Red October releases in theaters [odd fact, one of the stars in this movie, Alec Baldwin, accidentally shoots and kills a camera operator in the year 2021 on the set of the film Rust; And she was from the town that the main character in Red October (played by Sean Connery) is supposed to be from, and this happened in....October. Just weird is all.)


      The Carlyle Group (co-founded by David Rubenstein) buys BDM, Ford Aerospace’s defense consultancy, which was the first of many military industrial investments (seven years after this, having expanded BDM’s operations into Saudi Arabia, Carlyle sold the consultancy, making a 650% profit) (this story picks back up in 1997)
        May 16, Sammy Davis Jr. dies in Beverly Hills, California (b. 1925)
          August 2, the Gulf War begins
            Margaret Thatcher’s 11 year term as Prime Minister of the UK ends
              The TV show, Full House is in their fourth season
                Manly P. Hall dies (b. 1901)
                  The TV show, The Cosby Show is in its seventh season
                    The TV show, Star Trek: The Next Generation is in their fourth season
                      President George H.W. Bush asks the Attorney General for a secret waiver to be given to Secretary of State, James Baker, as he has oil interests that were so extensive “that he may have been violating federal conflict-of-interest law by having any influence on Middle East policy (see 1992) (The Secret War Against the Jews Pg. 4, see footnotes also)
                        Jay Rockefeller IV is the senator of West Virginia


                          PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS & ROYALTY: George H.W. Bush is president/Dan Quayle is vice president – Elizabeth II is queen of England

                          Pete Wilson is the 36th governor of California (from 1991-1999)
                            January 17- February 28 Operation Desert Storm (Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons)


                              February 14, Meg Ryan (30), marries Dennis Quaid (37)
                                February 28, the Gulf War ends
                                  May 23, the Seinfeld episode (S2) The Chinese Restaurant airs 


                                    The Summer Olympics is held in Barcelona, Spain
                                      Full House is in its fifth season
                                        Star Trek: The Next Generation is in its fifth season
                                          Amy Grant’s album Heart in Motion releases (I was only eight, but I loved this album, I'd totally dance to it haha!) Click here to listen to it on Spotify and get in the 1991 mood :)


                                            An American Tail: Fievel Goes West is released in theaters
                                              GHISLAINE MAXWELL moves to New York from England and LADY LYNN DE ROTHSCHILD (by marriage) gives Ghislaine Maxwell full use of her Manhattan apartment properties, she maintained this address until recently (see year 2012)
                                                Marcel Vogel (IBM research scientist who developed liquid crystal technology--LCD screens) dies in San Jose, California, aged 73 (born in 1917!)
                                                  October 23, Clarence Thomas is confirmed to the supreme court (nominated by George H.W. Bush, and grilled during his hearings by Joe Biden)
                                                    November 22, Beauty and the Beast is released (first Disney film to use computer animation)
                                                      December 11, Hook, staring Robin Williams, is released in theaters; The film is directed by Stephen Spielberg
                                                        Jay Rockefeller IV is the senator of West Virginia



                                                          PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS & ROYALTY: George H.W. Bush is president/Dan Quayle is vice president/Samuel Skinner becomes White House Chief of Staff but is quickly replaced by James Baker (James Baker had already served under Reagan as White House chief of staff) – Elizabeth II is queen of England

                                                          April 30, The Cosby Show ends in its ninth and final season
                                                            Family Matters is in their fourth season
                                                              Full House is in their sixth season
                                                                Star Trek: The Next Generation is in their sixth season
                                                                  April 10, Disney’s Newsies releases in theaters
                                                                    November 11, Disney’s Aladdin also releases in theaters
                                                                      November 25, The Bodyguard with Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner releases in theaters
                                                                        December 20, Father of the Bride releases in theaters


                                                                          SO TAKE A LOOK AT THIS: The World Economic Forum, founded by Klaus Schwab in 1971, and according to Dr. Reiner Fuellmich in his legal statement against him in early 2021, “Mr. Global [the man behind the curtain is not named, it isn’t even Klaus Schwab] has been training his own puppets since 1992 through the Young Global Leaders program. Angela Merkel and Bill Gates were among the first class to graduate, the class of 1992, even a large number of current leaders and politicians, predominately weak personalities with however well trained rhetorical skills, also come from this program include [French leader], [Austrian leader], Justin Trudeau in Canada, [New Zealand leader], but also the German Health Minister, and the EU commission head, against this background which increasingly more people are recognizing very large legal disputes have been set in motion or are now being set in motion in India, South Africa, the U.S., in Canada and in France among others, their goal is to hold those who are responsible for this plandemic accountable under both civil and criminal law, this also includes that the assets that have been taken away from the world’s population by Mr. Global and the global corporations and the NGO’s controlled by him, not only since COVID but already for decades are returned…”
                                                                            Jay Rockefeller IV is the senator of West Virginia

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