1880-1889 A.D. - Railroads, Tycoons & Sherlock Holmes



Photo - Sherlock Holmes Museum in London



PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS & ROYALTY: Rutherford B. Hayes is president – Victoria is on the English throne – Wilhelm I is king of Prussia/German Emperor – Alexander II is the tsar of Russia

January 14, Reginald Claypoole Vanderbilt is born in Staten Island, New York, he will become the father to Gloria Vanderbilt and the paternal grandfather of Anderson Cooper (Vanderbilt) (d.1925)

A.A. Michelson performs an experiment 

Heinrich Hertz (Hertz sound measurement, i.e. 528 Hz) obtains his PhD from the University of Berlin, he remains at the university for three years for post-doctoral study under Helmholtz, serving as his assistant

Johannes Brahms’ Hungarian Dances are all the rage—interesting to note that Brahms is working in music at the same time Hertz is working in vibrations and frequencies, both are in Germany

In the early 1880s, Meyer Guggenheim acquires interests in two Colorado copper mines, realizing their potential value, he eventually invests his entire fortune in the mines, his seven sons, especially Daniel Guggenheim, supervised the acquisition and operation of smelters (see 1891)

“In the 1880s, Charles Stewart Parnell (1846-1891) and others began to agitate for ‘Home Rule’ for Ireland” (C.S. Lewis A Life, Pg. 4)

Albert Lewis (C.S. Lewis’ father) had little interest in joining his father’s shipbuilding business, and had made it clear to his parents that he wanted to pursue a legal career, so his father, Richard Lewis, knowing of the excellent reputation of Lurgan college under its headmaster, William Thompson Kirkpatrick (1848-1921), decided to enroll Albert there as a boarding pupil, Albert formed a lasting impression of Kirkpatrick’s teaching skills during his year there, and after Albert graduated in 1880, he moved to Dublin, the capital city of Ireland, where he works for five years for the firm of Maclean, Boyle, and Maclean (C.S. Lewis a Life 6)



PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS & ROYALTY: Rutherford B. Hayes is president until March 4 when James A. Garfield becomes president, but only until September 14 when Chester A. Arthur becomes president – Queen Victoria is on the English throne – William I is on the Prussian throne – Alexander II is on the Russian throne (though he is assassinated in March)

February 22, an ancient Egyptian obelisk, popularly known as Cleopatra’s Needle, is erected in New York’s Central Park, it is a gift (though it was asked for) from the Khedive for the United States remaining friendly and neutral as the European powers (France and Britain) maneuvered to secure political control of the Egyptian government; The transportation costs were largely paid for by railroad magnate William Henry Vanderbilt, the eldest son of Cornelius Vanderbilt; Obelisks had already been given to Britain and France, they stand in London (1801) and Paris; The one in New York City had stood in Alexandria, and before that in Heliopolis since 1475 B.C. where it was erected on the orders of Thutmose III (Wikipedia)

The Natural History Museum in London opens its doors

The British Museum’s Guadalupe Woman skeleton is removed from display and taken to the Natural History Museum (where it remains on display until 1967); Since 1813, this skeleton has been on display at the British Museum; It was brought there after the British won the island of Guadalupe from the French (it seems there’s been some misinformation on this particular skeleton, some websites and (even a YouTube documentary) says the skeleton is from 28 million years ago and that it was “quietly taken off display” and put in the museum’s basement in 1881, but there is no indication that the naturalists at the time, or later scientists ever came to that conclusion; Instead, it seems that the consensus (from both evolutionists and creationists alike) is that the skeleton is from a recent date; And the skeleton was not put in the basement, but moved to the newly opened Natural History Museum (https://creation.com/the-guadeloupe-skeleton)

Charles Digby Harrod takes over for his father and expands Harrods into a thriving retail operation selling medicines, perfumes, stationary, fruits and vegetables

March 4, James A. Garfield becomes president of the United States (but is shot on July 2 and dies of his wounds on September 19)

March 13, Tsar Alexander II is assassinated in St. Petersburg when members of the terrorist group “People’s Will” throw bombs at his carriage, the first one hits too early and catches the rear of the carriage, but when he gets out of the carriage a second one is thrown at his feet and hurls him into the air with the force of the blast, the guards take him to the “Winter Palace, a magnificent Baroque icon of the tsar’s imperial rule. By divine right, Alexander II, like his Romanov forebears, held absolute power over the lives of his subjects and there was no institutional framework to challenge his will. The colossal Winter Palace was like a majestic stage on which to project his wealth and strength: its fabled interiors included a white marbled ballroom, a dining room where feasts were held for 1,000 guests, and galleries that could accommodate 10,0000 people. From this opulent proclamation of autocratic Russian power, Alexander II ruled almost one-sixth of the earth’s surface. None of this could help him now. His family followed the trail of blood across the marble floors, up the sweeping wide staircase to his study, among them his twelve-year-old grandson, Nicholas.” (Queen Victoria's Matchmaking, Pg. 5)

On the same day, March 13, Queen Victoria receives several telegrams from St. Petersburg about Alexander II’s assassination, the first one to arrive just said that he’d been shot, she read it “in the sanctuary of Windsor Castle, the light fading over the peaceful English home counties beyond, the crime that had been committed in Russia opened a vista onto a very different landscape, one which heralded a new phase in Europe and marked the birth of a modern form of political terrorism…The queen knew the tsar personally. The horrific picture of his death evoked in the telegrams contrasted with a very different memory of the man she had met over forty years earlier at the beginning of her reign. In the spring of 1839, when he was the young heir to the Russian throne, Grand Duke Alexander had paid a visit to Windsor (see 1839) (Queen Victoria's Matchmaking, Pg. 6)   

July 2, President James A. Garfield is shot by an assassin at the Baltimore and Potomac railroad station in Washington D.C., the shot isn’t fatal, but he dies on September 19 of infections caused by his doctors

Queen Victoria is 62 years old, her son, the Prince of Wales and future Edward VII, is 40 years old and won’t be king until 1901

Construction on the Neue Burg of the Hofburg palace is begun in Vienna, Austria, the seat of the Habsburg Monarchy since 1247 (until its end in 1918 when Austria becomes a republic, and it then becomes the seat of the president)

Sigmund Freud becomes a Doctor of Medicine at the University of Vienna

September 19, President James A. Garfield dies of his wounds and Chester A. Arthur becomes president

Greece expands its territory by adding Thessaly  



PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS & ROYALTY: Chester A. Arthur is president – Victoria is on the English throne – Kaiser Wilhelm I is king of Prussia/German Emperor

January 25, Virginia Woolf is born in Kensington, England

April 19, Charles Darwin dies in Down, Kent, England and is buried in Westminster Abbey

Hannah Jones (Hillary Clinton’s grandmother on her dad’s side) is born

The Rockefeller owned Standard Oil of New Jersey company is founded and is one component of the Standard Oil Trust; by design the Standard Oil Trust embraced a maze of legal structures which made its workings virtually impervious to public investigation and understanding, as Ida Tarbell (one of the first investigative journalists) wrote in her History of the Standard Oil Company (1904), “You could argue its existence from its effects, but you could not prove it.” (Encyclopedia Britannica)

The first book on Korea in English is published, it’s titled Corea, the Hermit Nation, it’s written by an American in Japan who had never been to Korea or even met a Westerner who had, Long after it had been “opened” to the outside world, Korea seldom drew much attention, The scarcity of books on Korea testified to the lack of interest held in the West and much of the rest of the world for this peninsular land in Northeast Asia (Brief History of Korea, Pg. 7)

December 28, Sir Arthur Eddington, a British astronomer, physicist and mathematician is born (d. 1944)



PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS & ROYALTY: Chester A. Arthur is president – Queen Victoria is on the English throne – Kaiser Wilhelm I is King of Prussia/German Emperor – Grover Cleveland (D) becomes the governor of New York (until 1885 when he becomes president)

March 14, Karl Marx dies in London and is interred at Highgate Cemetery

Heinrich Hertz becomes a lecturer in theoretical physics at the University of Kiel

Claude Monet and his large family rent a house and gardens in Giverny, France, his gardens become famous because of his paintings of them

August 19, Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel is born in France (after WWI, she popularized a sporty, casual chic as the feminine standard of style, replacing the “corseted silhouette” that was dominant beforehand)  

Harrods department store in London is burned to the ground, but is still able to fulfill its commitments to customers making their Christmas deliveries, the building is rebuilt quickly on the same site



PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS & ROYALTY: Chester A. Arthur is president – Victoria is on the English throne – Kaiser Wilhelm I is on the Prussian and German Empire throne – Grover Cleveland is the governor of New York (until 1885 when he becomes president)

The book, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, by Mark Twain is published

Albert Lewis (C.S. Lewis’ father), moves back to Belfast to establish his own private law practice with office’s on Belfast’s prestigious Royal Avenue

The UK’s National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children is founded (and is still running today in 2022, The NSPCC’s Clare Hazell or later Clare Guinness has been accused of being one of Jeffery Epstein’s madams by Virginia Giuffre, see the year 2019)



PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS & ROYALTY: Chester A. Arthur is president until March 4 when Grover Cleveland (D) becomes president (he leaves the office of governor of New York) – Victoria is on the English throne – Kaiser Wilhelm I is on the Prussian and German Empire throne

The book, Essays by Ralph Waldo Emerson, is published in New York by John Alden (I buy a copy in 2021)

Heinrich Hertz becomes a full professor at the University of Karlsruhe

Chicago builds the world’s first skyscraper of steel-skeleton construction

Viktor Schauberger is born in Holzschalg, Upper Austria, he becomes an Austrian forest caretaker, naturalist, pseudoscientist, philosopher, inventor and biomimcry (emulation of nature) experimenter, he understood vortices and spirals in nature, and began to invent levitating devices that “mainstream science has never understood” (DWW 28)

October 18, Niels Bohr is born in Copenhagen, Denmark, he becomes a famous Danish physicist who makes foundational contributions to the understanding of atomic structure and quantum theory, he receives the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1922

December 8, William Henry Vanderbilt, dies in Manhattan, New York City, New York, he was an American businessman, and the great, great, great grandfather of Anderson Cooper (Vanderbilt); William is survived by children, one of whom is Cornelius Vanderbilt II (1843-1899), he is the great, great grandfather of Anderson Cooper (Vanderbilt), and even his grandson Reginald Claypoole Vanderbilt (1880-1925), he is the grandfather of Anderson Cooper (Vanderbilt)  (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Henry_Vanderbilt)



PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS & ROYALTY: Grover Cleveland is president of the USA – Victoria is queen of England/Lord Salisbury (Robert Gascoyne-Cecil 3rd Marquess of Salisbury) becomes Prime Minister of England (Will later be part of Cecil Rhode’s Secret Society “The Cecil Bloc” which will be founded in 1891) – Kaiser Wilhelm I is king of Prussia and the German Emperor (since its formation in 1871)

February 8, Pope Leo XIII grants the Our Lady of Guadalupe image a decree of canonical coronation

March 10, someone inscribed the date 3-10-1886 in my copy of Essays by Ralph Waldo Emerson  

May 15, Emily Dickinson dies, aged 56 in Amherst, Massachusetts (b. 1830)

June 26, the Otis Brothers of New York City is contracted to put a passenger elevator in the Washington Monument, complete with seats and soft wall linings, it’s completed in December and it tales 10-12 minutes to ascend the monument

Construction begins on the Tower Bridge in London  

The first archaeological expedition begins on Easter Island  

Heinrich Hertz marries Elisabeth Doll, daughter of Max Doll, a lecturer in geometry at the University of Karlsruhe in Germany

Thomas Edison founds his Machine Works building in New York (in 1892 it becomes the General Electric Company)



PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS & ROYALTY: Grover Cleveland is president of the USA – Victoria is queen of England/Lord Salisbury (Robert Gascoyne-Cecil 3rd Marquess of Salisbury) is prime minister of England (Will later be part of Cecil Rhode’s Secret Society “The Cecil Bloc” which will be founded in 1891) – Kaiser Wilhelm I is king of Prussia/German Emperor

February 1, Harvey Wilcox buys land west of the city of Los Angeles for his ranch, and by August, he files a deed and parcel for the land under the name Hollywood (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hollywood,_Los_Angeles)

Edward W. Morley, a physicist in the United States, performs A.A. Michaelson’s experiment from 1881 (https://www.britannica.com/science/Michelson-Morley-experiment)

Construction begins on the Eiffel tower in Paris

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle creates the character of Sherlock Holmes for A Study in Scarlet, the first of four novels and fifty-six short stories about Holmes and Dr. Watson

In the spring, preparations are being made for Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee to mark her fifty years on the throne

June 21, Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee begins with her being pulled in a carriage through the streets of London with much pageantry; Her entourage winds its way through packed streets—ten miles of scaffolding had been erected for hundreds of thousands of people would be there to watch—and ends at Westminster Abbey; Three more processions follow from Hyde Park Corner at 10 a.m., the Alexandra Hotel at 10:30 a.m., and lastly, at 10:45, from the Pimlico entrance of Buckingham Palace: Archduke Rudolf, heir to the throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the crown princes of Sweden and Portugal, the kings of Belgium, Greece, and Denmark; “The world, it seemed, had come to pay tribute to ‘the Queen.’ For one American writer, Mark Twain, watching among the throng, the processions merged and ‘stretched to the limit of sight in both directions’ (Queen Victoria’s Matchmaking 23)

August 12, Erwin Shrödinger, the Austrian-Irish Nobel Prize winning physicist, is born on August 12 (d. 1961), he is most known for his “Shrödinger’s Cat” hypothesis

The Central Pacific Railroad is built along the line of the Siskiyou Trail between California and Oregon and brings a substantial increase in tourism, lumbering and population into the area of Mount Shasta in California

October 20, Heinrich Hertz and his wife, Elisabeth, have their first daughter, Johanna

Claude Debussy (French composer) returns to Paris and hears the first act of Wagner’s Tristan un Isolde at the Concerts Lamoureux and judges it “decidedly the finest thing I know”

Princess Elisabeth of Hesse, granddaughter of Queen Victoria of England through her mother Princess Alice, has her photo taken; Princess Elisabeth is the elder sister of Princess Alix of Hesse and by Rhine, who later becomes the last Russian Empress; Alix (or Alexandria) and her family will be shot while in Bolshevik captivity in 1918 (Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons)



Grover Clevland (D) is president – Victoria is queen of England / Lord Salisbury (Robert Gascoyne-Cecil 3rd Marquess of Salisbury) is Prime Minister of England (he will later be part of Cecil Rhode’s Secret Society “The Cecil Bloc” which will be founded in 1891) – Kaiser Wilhelm I is on the Prussian throne and the German Empire until March 9 when Fredrick III ascends the throne, but only until June 15 when his son Kaiser Wilhelm II ascends the throne (and becomes the last ruler of the Prussian (German) Empire (ends in 1918) he’s Queen Victoria’s grandson by her eldest daughter, Princess Victoria “Vicky” (b.1840, d.1901) who married Fredrick III, German Emperor in 1858)

Hotel del Coronado in San Diego opens and is the single largest resort hotel in the world (it is still there to the present day) (Photo: The hotel in 1892, Credit: Wikimedia Commons)


The town of Auburn, California is founded

Jack the Ripper murders several people in the impoverished areas around the Whitechapel district of London

The first video ever recorded called “The Garden Scene” is filmed by Thomas Edison on one of the first working movie cameras

Cecil Rhodes establishes his diamond company, De Beers (he is creating a monopoly of the world’s diamond market in Africa, it retains its prominence into the 21st century) (Wikipedia) In this year, Cecil writes his third will and in it, makes LORD ROTHSCHILD THE SOLE TRUSTEE (then later adds others in his subsequent wills, see 1891)

October 9, the Washington Monument opens to the public

George Washington Vanderbilt (1862-1914), a powerful railroad, steamboat magnate, as well as a successful businessman, begins construction on his “country home” in North Carolina called the Biltmore Estate, it is modeled on the Chateau de Blois and other chateaux of the Loire Valley, with up to four acres of floor space, this is believed to be the largest domestic dwelling ever constructed in the United States

The Alcazar Hotel opens in St. Augustine, Florida, it is commissioned by railroad magnate Henry Flagler, it is built by the prominent architecture firm Carrère and Hastings, it boasts the largest indoor swimming pool (It is now called the Lightner Museum and there's a cafe in the pool which is no longer filled) (Photo: The indoor pool in 1905, Credit: Wikimedia Commons)




PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS & ROYALTY: Grover Cleveland is the president of the USA until March 4 when Benjamin Harrison becomes the 23rd president of the United States/Levi P. Morton is vice president – Victoria is queen of England/Lord Salisbury (Robert Gascoyne-Cecil 3rd Marquess of Salisbury) is Prime Minister of England (will later be part of Cecil Rhode’s Secret Society “The Cecil Bloc” which will be founded in 1891)

April 20, Hitler is born in Braunau am Inn, a small Austrian town near the Austro-German frontier

November 20, Edwin Hubble is born in Missouri, USA

The Paris Exposition (or World’s Fair) takes place, and the Eiffel Tower is completed to be the main exhibit; During the Exposition, Claude Debussy first hears Javanese gamelan music, and it later influences him in his late compositions

Construction begins on the Biltmore Estate in North Carolina for George Washington Vanderbilt II

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